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Bobbie Suchil

After years of physical therapy programs following back surgery, Pilates was recommended as an alternative. Bobbie’s doctor was confident that Pilates would prove effective at relieving the pain she was experiencing. Willing to try anything, Bobbie began attending private sessions. It was not long before she had developed enough strength to move beyond the reformer to the other Pilates equipment and Mat classes. As time went on Pilates did reduce the level of pain she was experiencing. Pilates promoted the development of core strength, lower spine, and mid upper back strength. She soon learned that strengthening and stretching the lower back is crucial to the development of abdominal support. Bobbie developed an interest in becoming a Pilates instructor after one of her instructors called upon Bobbie to demonstrate. “I hope to set an example for others that there is an alternative to a life spent in pain.”

• BASI Teacher Training Program 2005
• CPR Certified